Meet Rachel of LunarraStar

On Mondays I feature other Etsy artisans on my blog. Most are fellow members of my Etsy Teams: Etsy for Animals, Attack of the Craft, Etsy Moms and the Georgia Etsy Team. Some are random Etsy sellers who I stalk whose work I love and admire. All of them are unique and have interesting stories to tell. I hope you enjoy getting to know them! (ed. note: obviously it’s Tuesday. We are snowed in here in Atlanta, and I spent yesterday playing in the snow with my son. πŸ™‚

Rachel creates wonderful jewelry and baubles.

How did you come up with your shop name?
I’m in love with the moon and the stars, Luna means moon in Italian πŸ™‚

When did you start making jewelry?
2005 ish

What made you want to start selling your creations?
I enjoy doing it and i would have had a lot of jewellery if i didn’t sell it πŸ™‚

I’ve always been crafty. Over the years I could never find clothes or jewellery I wanted so I started making my own. My first memory of finding jewellery magical was my grandmothers velvet jewellery box, when I was a child, if I was good she would let me look through it :).

Please describe your creative process?
I love to collect charms, be inspired by them πŸ™‚

What inspires you?
inspired by whimsical Fairytales like Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz & Snow White, adventurous historical tales, unusual curious charms and glittery magical things

Does your shop have a theme or purpose, like crafting for charity or eco-friendly, etc.?
It is whimsical, childlike.

Are your items custom or premade?
Premade and i do custom.

Tell us two of your short term goals and one long term goal:
I would like to have more time to make new designs, I’m kept so busy with current ones and I think my head might explode with all the new ideas in it. So on both counts more time please.

Walk us through a typical day in your life:
I live in Bristol, England, a very beautiful city with gorgeous countryside, lots of beautiful architecture, things to do and brimming with history. I have 3 fur children, Maia cat, Chloe cat and my adorable little chihuahua called Bellatrix who is only a year but knows so many tricks we lose count. A typical day involves spacing out work and spending time with friends and my animals.

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment?
The “we’re all mad here” ring, it’s simple but a statement.

Where on the web can you be found?
Dark Elegance Designs –
.com store –
Etsy store –
Facebook fanpage –

LunarraStar Jewellery –
.com store –
Etsy store –
Facebook fanpage –
Flickr –
Twitter –


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