Meet Tab of VintageLucys

Once a week I feature other Etsy artisans on my blog. Most are fellow members of my Etsy Teams: Etsy for Animals, Attack of the Craft, Etsy Moms and the Georgia Etsy Team. Some are random Etsy sellers whom I stalk whose work I love and admire. All of them are unique and have interesting stories to tell. I hope you enjoy getting to know them!

Tell us a bit about yourself:
I am a mother of five. I have a background in radiation {medical field} but I have designed clothing since I was a child and really focused on that after I adopted my nephew and needed to stay home a little more with my kids.

How did you come up with your shop name?
My great grandmothers name was Lucille.

When did you start selling your clothes?
In 2002. I sold to boutiques immediately and then ebay.

What made you want to start selling your creations?

A friend’s store sparked my fire.

Please describe your creative process?
I have all kinds of designs floating around in my head but not enough time to produce them lol. I carry a sketch book around and will sketch out designs for each collection.

What inspires you?


Does your shop have a theme or purpose?

vintage vintage and more vintage

Are your items custom or premade?

Tell us two of your short term goals and one long term goal:
short term: get organized, long term: small manufacturing

Walk us through a typical day in your life:
Wake up get the kids off of course, check emails {big task}. Check my etsy shop and website. Print up all orders….give {husband} t-shirt orders to print. I sew for four hours, take lunch, check emails again and back to sewing, packaging and shipping. 😉

If you could have any super power, what would it be?
Move at the speed of light. lOL

What is your favorite item in your shop at the moment?
I’m loving the St. Patty Day t-shirts.

Where on the web can you be found?


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