The First Look at a Giant Ruggle

I will most likely be adding a listing for giant Ruggles to my shop next Tuesday, March 1st but here’s a preview! Giants will be made to order, with an approximately 4 week turnaround depending on the animal chosen. They measure about 38″ from claw to claw and 51″ from nose to ‘tocks. Critters with tails or a big schnozz will be even longer. I’ll make any animal, dragon or monster into a giant (even those that haven’t been seen in the shop yet) except for monkeys. (I simply can’t make monkeys come out right.)

I am designing the giants to be used as photography props or a fun addition to your nursery or home decor, so they will not have the various fabric tag claws. Instead they will have feet appropriate to the animal. I could of course make one with the fabric claws, but you’d have to request that. As with the regular size Ruggles, no actual animal fur or skin will be used to create the giants.

Right now I have no idea what the shipping will be for the giants, but I can tell you that the heads are heavy. They will cost $120 each. Giants with flat heads (no stuffing, in case you wanted to nail it to a wall or use it as a blanket) will be $100. Downgrades in fabric might be possible (from Minky to Velboa which isn’t as soft) and will also lower the price. If you’re interested in a Velboa version Giant, just email me (kenzie at zamalzain dot org) or send me a conversation on Etsy.

And on to the fun part: pictures!

With my almost 3 year old

With my 1 month old

In the nursery



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  1. Pili
    Feb 27, 2011 @ 08:37:42

    Kenzie, I’m sure I’ll be getting a giant ruggle for myself at some point, I love them! And after seeing the tiger ruggle up close, even more!!


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