I have a new mailbox!

And it came bearing shiny gifts! 😀

Our new mailbox is a tad taller than the old one, but it’s hardly noticeable until you’re standing right next to it. And frankly, the thing could be 10 feet tall as long as I can reach the mailbox and it continues to contain glorious goodies like these:

First I got my custom order from Fabulously Fierce. I had previously gotten her set of Alice in Wonderland towels, and loved them. Seeing as how my favorite holiday is Halloween, I knew I had to splurge and get a bunch more since she has the most awesome Halloween designs ever.

I couldn’t fit all of them on my crappy old stove, so one went into the bathroom.

They have also served very well as teaching tools for my three year old, who wanted to know what the kitty was wishing for (brains!) why he was a zombie kitty, and what Dracula was wishing for (blood!) and had me make up a story about what the bat was doing. Then we learned that bats say “EEK!” so now every time we go into the kitchen he screams “EEK!”

If that wasn’t enough, I also got a fabulous pair of fingerless mittens from Petite Tuques. Not only is the yarn soft and gorgeous, but they seem very well made. I can’t knit to save my life, but I can tell good craftsmanship and these have it. They are very warm and they will be worn for probably 3 months straight. I freeze once it dips below 60* and my workspace isn’t the warmest part of the house to begin with. I envision many hours spent at the sewing machine and computer wearing these lovely gloves.

Plus I’m a sucker for good presentation and not only were they nicely wrapped in tissue paper, they came with that adorable little hang tag and handwritten thank you note. I don’t know what “Tuque” means but I know her shop is definitely on my favorites list for more knitted goodness.

I love getting packages in the mail, checking the mail and just mail in general so I’m super stoked to have a mailbox again.

Along with sewing, we have planned a trip to the pumpkin patch/corn maze and Halloween store over the weekend so hopefully I’ll have lots to share next week. 🙂


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kylie
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 12:15:00

    I love it when mailboxes are full of goodies! The towels look awesome in your house and I’m glad they were a teaching tool 🙂 Thanks so much for featuring them in your blog!

    I LOVE those mittens too!


  2. Lisa S
    Oct 14, 2011 @ 12:37:31

    That’s the biggest mailbox I’ve ever seen! I love those towels… I might have to get some as well 🙂 Thanks for showing off my mitts – and “tuques” is french for hats. Rhymes with fluke, duke… Now you know french! 🙂


    • bewhiskered
      Oct 14, 2011 @ 15:54:12

      You’re most welcome!

      How did I get through 5 years of French and a Paris vacation without learning the word for “hat”? Actually, I probably did. But time and pregnancy pretty much wiped that slate clean. LOL


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